July 24, 2009

Embryonic Demise

Figure 1: Transvaginal ultrasound shows a mean sac diameter of 30 mm (about 8 weeks gestational age). S = gestational sac.
Figure 2: Further scan demonstrates a fetal pole (arrow) without a yolk sac. There is minimal decidual reaction.

Embryonic Demise
  • Most common cause = chromosomal abnormality leading to arrested development
  • Diagnosis is made by:
  1. CRL > 5 mm but no cardiac activity
  2. MSD >/= 8 mm but no yolk sac
  3. MSD >/= 16 mm but no embryo
  4. Embryo seen but no yolk sac
  5. No cardiac activity in embryo seen by transabdominal ultrasound (need to confirm with transvaginal ultrasound if early IUP)

Weissleder, Wittenberg, Harisinghani, Chen. Primer of diagnostic imaging. 4th edition, 2007

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