July 1, 2014

Krukenberg Tumors

Axial and coronal-reformatted CT images of a 41-year-old woman shows an enlarged, solid-appearing right ovarian mass (arrows). The left ovary (not shown) is normal. 

  • Metastatic tumor to the ovary that contains mucin-secreting, signet ring cells
  • Usually originate from primary tumors of GI tract (most common = colon and stomach)
  • 10% of all ovarian tumors
  • Occur in reproductive age
  • Nonspecific appearance. Can be solid or mixed solid/cystic
  • High suspicion for ovarian metastasis if:
    • Bilateral 
    • Complex-appearing ovarian masses
    • Known GI tract tumor (esp. colon and stomach)
    • MRI showing T1/T2 hyper intensity due to mucin
Our case: Ovarian metastasis from primary gastric cancer.

Jung SE, et al. CT and MR imaging of ovarian tumors with emphasis on differential diagnosis. Radiographics 2002; 22:1305.

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