December 31, 2011

Calcification in Lung Nodule

A spot chest radiographic view of the left lower lung zone (with a nipple marker) shows a 1-cm nodule (arrow) in the lung base just medial to the nipple marker.

Non-contrast CT confirms the presence of a nodule in the left lower lobe (arrow) that contains a central calcification.

Lung Nodule Calcification
  • Up to 6% of lung cancer have calcification. Therefore, calcium in a nodule does not exclude possibility of lung cancer
  • Suspected malignant nodule if calcium is.... eccentric, amorphous or it involves only a small portion of the nodule
  • Benign: central (>10% of cross-sectional area of nodule), diffuse and laminated calcification
  • Nodules that are nonsolid or partly solid are more often malignant
Our case: benign nodule, likely a granuloma.

Hodler J, von Schulthess GK, Zollikofer ChL. Diseases of the Heart, Chest & Breast 2011-2014. Springer-Verlag Italia 2011.

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