August 21, 2011

Ileal Diverticulitis

Axial CT image shows an ileal diverticulum (arrow) with surrounding inflammation (arrowheads). Thin arrow = normal appendix.
Sagittal CT image again confirms the presence of an inflamed ileal diverticulum. Note a normal cecum.

  • Two percents of population have small-bowel diverticula
  • These can be congenital or acquired.
  • Acquired diverticula are common in jejunum and terminal ileum. They are mucosal herniation along the mesenteric border.
  • About 6-10% of patients with small-bowel diverticula develop complications (-itis, hemorrhage, obstruction, intussusception)
  • CT can show inflammatory change around the diverticulum with mural thickening of the adjacent bowel loops. The appendix and cecum are normal.

Gourtsoyiannis NC. Radiologic Imaging of the Small Intestine, 2002.

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