December 18, 2010

Dual Energy CT (1)

A Growing Need for a New Kind of CT
  • We need a better delineation of tissue components than just simple Hounsfield Units
  • We need to scan faster to image the beating heart (decrease temporal resolution), esp. in cases with high heart rate, irregular heart rate
What Is Dual Energy CT?
  • CT that uses the data of two different energy spectra to display anatomy and physiology (regular CT scans utilize one energy spectrum to create images)
  • Dual-source CT describes CT that has two x-ray sources and two detectors mounted on a single gantry. The x-ray sources can produce two different energy spectra, or one spectrum. Dual-source CT can run in either dual- or single-energy mode
What Are Possible Hardware Configurations for Dual Energy CT?
  • Two x-ray sources (dual-source CT)
  • Rapid kV switching (single-source CT)
  • Sandwich detector CT (two layers of detectors detecting x-rays at different energy spectra)
Image credit:

Fletcher JG, Takahashi N, Hartman R, et al. Dual-energy and dual-source CT: is there a role in the abdomen and pelvis? Radiol Clin N Am 2009; 47:41-57.

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