July 18, 2010

Brenner Tumor of the Ovary

Ultrasound image of the right ovary shows a well-circumscribed complex mass (arrows) with cystic and solid components (arrowheads) in a 66-year-old woman with abnormality seen on CT scan.

Facts: Complex Ovarian Mass
  • Long list of potential causes, encompassing tumor (primary and neoplastic), inflammation and infection in a postmenopausal woman
  • Potential tumors: serous and mucinous cystadenoma/cystadenocarcinoma, teratoma, clear cell carcinoma, endometrioid carcinoma, necrotic primary or metastatic tumors
  • Most of these (if we think it is neoplasm) would need to be diagnosed histologically because imaging findings are nonspecific and malignancy cannot be excluded
Facts: Brenner Tumor
  • Uncommon ovarian neoplasm, usually incidentally found
  • Women in 5th to 7th decade of life
  • Predominantly solid, but can be complex with cystic components when associated with serous and mucinous cystadenomas (seen in up to 30% of cases)
  • Can be benign, borderline or malignant
Our case: Brenner tumor with struma ovarii on histology.


Green GE, Mortele KJ, Glickman JN, Benson CB. Brenner tumors of the ovary sonographic and computed tomographic imaging features. J Ultrasound Med 2006;25:1245-1251.

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