April 24, 2010

Occupational Radiation Dose Limits

  • International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) issues periodic recommendations on radiation protection. The Commission was founded in 1928.
  • ICRP's latest publication was Publication 103 (2007)
  • ICRP effective dose limit for radiation worker (occupational dose limit) = 20 mSv per year when averaged over 5 years; any year limit to 50 mSv
  • The most highly exposed workers are unlikely to receive regular annual effective doses more than 5 mSv
  • Radiation workers should be monitored using personal dosimeter (film badges, TLDs)
  • In emergency situations, occupational exposure can exceed these dose limits if lifesaving actions are involved. Older workers with low lifetime accumulated effective doses should volunteer for emergencies.
Huda W. Review of Radiologic Physics, 3rd edition, 2009.

Image Credit: www.thermo.com

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