October 15, 2009

Climate Change and A Radiologist

Since today is a Blog Action Day and the theme of this year is 'Climate Change', we at RiTradiology.com are requested to discuss about this topic. If you happen to visit any other blogs today, you probably will notice that everyone is talking about the climate change. Don't get bored yet, it is only a day.

How did I get materials for today's post? I began by googling 'radiologist green' and found several links of Drs. Green who are radiologists. I won't blame google for this and won't try Bing (because it's not google) either. I changed my keywords to 'radiologist climate change'. The article in Radiology Business Journal came up "The Invisible Radiologist Meets the New Math, Climate Change and Business 101". You can click the link to view the full online article; it talks about the medical/radiologic climate change with a new healthcare bill on its way to change the face of healthcare in the United States. I'm sorry I'm not going to touch on this.

Let's get back to our business, what do you do - as a radiologist - to make the world around you greener? Here are my suggestions. [please note that these are not professional recommendations by any means]
  • Change to digital imaging (filmless environment helps keep our planet green, no more printing!)
  • Dimming the light in the reading rooms (less energy consumption, also following a good practice)
  • Image more appropriately (picking the right examination for the right clinical question) and less frequently
  • Give less radiation to our patients (also saving energy consumption of CT scanners)
You are welcome to add your thoughts in the comment section below.

Have a good day!

RiTradiology.com team

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