September 3, 2009

Calcified Choroid Plexus Cysts

Axial CT image of the brain shows bilateral choroid plexus cysts in the atria of lateral ventricles with rim and internal calcifications (yellow arrow). Note physiologic calcifications of the habenula (short blue arrow) and pineal gland (long blue arrow).

Facts: Choroid Plexus Cysts
  • Nonneoplastic epithelial-lined cysts of choroid plexus
  • Most common neuroepithelial cysts in the CNS (50% of autopsy cases)
  • Most are bilateral and located in atria of lateral ventricles
  • Can be entirely cystic, nodular or partially cystic
  • Iso to slightly hyperattenuated on unenhanced CT (compared with CSF)
  • Common peripheral calcification
  • On MRI, cyst appears hyperintense on T2-weighted images, do not completely suppressed on FLAIR images and remain hyperintense to CSF, may show restricted diffusion on DWI
  • Differential diagnosis: ependymal cyst, villous hyperplasia

Osborn AG, Preece MT. Intracranial cysts: radiologic-pathologic correlation and imaging approach. Radiology 2006;239:650-664.

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