May 26, 2009


Figure: Bone scan image shows diffuse increased bone uptake throughout the skeleton with relative absence of kidney uptake (arrows), consistent with "superscan". There are several focal areas of uptake in the ribs, skull (arrowhead), scapulae and extremities indicating metastatic disease in a 73-year-old man with prostate cancer. The patient had a right craniotomy defect seen as a photopenic region on the posterior view.

Superscan "High ratio of bone uptake relative to soft tissue uptake, absent or relatively decreased renal uptake, homogeneous uptake of axial skeleton"

Two Types of Super Scan
  1. Metabolic: homogeneous uptake, usually hot at the calvarium, uptake seen at the extremities
  2. Metastatic: heterogeneous, usually absent uptake at the calvarium (unless metastatic lesions), uptake at distal extremities usually not seen

Metastatic "Superscan"
  • Prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer
  • RCC, lymphoma, bladder cancer
Morton K, et al. Diagnostic Imaging: Nuclear Medicine. Amirsys, Inc. 2007

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