April 24, 2009

Updates from RiT

New Features
Rate It!
Why not saying whether you like, or hate, the post? You can simply do that by clicking the star icon at the bottom of each post. Like this:

Your contribution will add up and make what would be the 'most popular' post in the whole site. See it on the right sidebar. Like this:

Twitter Update
Now you can follow the RiT on a fresh, new social messaging, micro-blogging service. It is another way to view the post as it is updated close to real time. Simply click on the logo on the right side bar and sign into your twitter account.

And...Our New Name and Logo!
Some of you may have noticed it already. We now call it 'RiT' (R-I-T), just to make it brief. We still use the same web address, and are with Google's Blogger though.

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