December 9, 2008

Who is Aunt Minnie?

Beside 'Aunt Minnie' as a popular radiology website, do you know who really is Aunt Minnie?

A few communications in Radiology and AJR provided the answer.

Aunt Minnie

  • Constellation of observations virtually pathognomonic of an entity (usually of an unusual or unexpected disease)
  • Subliminal or subconscious pattern recognition of disease (similar to recognizing Aunt Minnie among a large group of similar women)
  • The term attributed to two figures in radiology history: Ed Neuhauser (previous Chief at Children Hospital Boston) and Ben Felson (neither had an aunt named Minnie)
Hall, et al. Gestalt: Radiology's Aunt Minnie. AJR 2008 (October)

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